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The complete bird breeders software - Stacked with loads of great features for free.

Bird Breeder Pro offer's bird breeding management software which has been constructed to suit all users, from being very simplistic to use for the hobbyist, to being very detailed when it comes to the specifics of stud management and it's free.


We at Bird Breeder Pro believe our software offer's great feature's regarding pedigree, show record's saved against each bird and bloodline management, unlike competitors; we know the game of building up a stud with proper bloodline management.


A great feature with our software is that if you would like a specific feature added, you can discuss it with us, and if everyone agrees, we add the feature for all to use, as simple as that....


The current software on offer is Aviary software, which is mainly focused at Aviary birds, as it was build with Exhibition Budgerigars in mind, but it crosses over to all Aviary birds nicely.  We currently have a version specificly made for Poultry, with help from a great mind in the area, a lady called Elaine Schempp.


Please note: The current version off the software is online based, so you will need a constant internet connection to user the software and it's developed for Window's machines.  Although, currently we have a standalone version in development which can be used offline, if this interests you, please drop us an email.

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04 January 2014

A new poultry breeder/keeper software is currently in development

If you want to view the current work in progress please see the development news page where you can download and have a look around.  Please feel free to email us with your feedback on it.  A special thank's goes to the architect of the software, Elaine Schempp.


04 January 2014

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