Shipments and returns

Packages are made available right away after payment has been cleared, so if you used the likes off paypal, then you will be good to go right away.

When payment has been completed and you are now logged into your account on this website, simply go to the product you just purchased and you'll see an option between "More info" and "Comments" called "Downloads", just click in there and you'll find the setup file and very importantly information on how to setup your software user account, please know it only takes 30 seconds.  If you have any issues with this process please let me know and i'll review it to make it better.  Any issues, just drop us an email stating your name, email and transaction details.

Shipping fees are free.

You can ask for a refund up to 14 days, where we will refund in full and disable your account (Not deleted, unless advised) so if you plan on coming back in future, all your details will be stored for a quick handover.

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