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This software evolved from mine and my late fathers Birdroom. I remember chatting to my father saying, I could develop something which could cover all our needs and more to keep track of our birds, breeding, shows, incomings and outgoings and more...

I have used the main competitors software, which I personally think is a good setup, I don't have anything bad to say about the actual software, apart from when I lost my login details for an account I paid approx £45 and could never obtain my account details, even after emails to their admin. I know these things happen but rather than leaving it at that, this was the push I needed to develop my own software. What helped is that I work as a software developer, with a strong background in Microsoft.Net programming.

Again, no hard feelings against my now competitor but it was the push I needed to get my backside into gear and get developing.

About the lead developer

Name: Joseph Smyth

From: Belfast, N/Ireland

Age: 30

Bird interest: Exhibition Budgerigars

Programming CV: VB.net, HTML(5), CSS(3), MySQL, SQL, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript and more....

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions about the software.

Just for giggles

Here is a old blog type page showing an old birdroom of mines from approx 2007/2008 with a writeup which I updated (20/04/2013). It will give an insight into the developer and my story with birds. Click Here

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